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A simple explanation of the Gospel

Here's a very helpful and simple explanation of the heart of the Gospel by Mark Dever. Dever is a pastor in Washington, D.C. and the author of several books. In particular, I recommend his book The Gospel and Personal Evangelism for help with how to share your faith....

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Luther on Repentance

  Message number two in our Grow series coming up this week. The theme is going to be repentance, and how necessary it is, not only in our salvation, but also our growth. Here's what Martin Luther had to say about repentance in his 95 theses that kicked off this little thing we like to call the Protestant Reformation (in fact, it was #1 on the list!):   &ldq...

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Lost Sea - middle school pictures

A few pictures from the middle school's cave trip to the Lost Sea! ...

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The Resurrection...optional?

Recently I read an article in which a leader in a prominent denomination was asked if he would still be a Christian if he were presented with irrefutable evidence that the resurrection of Christ did not happen. He said, yes, he would still be a Christian. He went on to say that the moral virtue of the message is enough for him to believe in Christianity. He could not be mo...

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"Just Do Something" - a book recommendation

One of the questions I am asked most often is "How can I know God's will for my life?" There's a lot to that question, and just throwing a book recommendation at it won't suffice as a complete answer. But, let me recommend a short and easy to read book to any that might be grappling with that question as part of an answer. It's called Just Do Something: A Liberating Appro...

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Easter Sunday

This is kind of a weird thing for a pastor to say, but I have a hard time looking forward to Easter Sunday. I know, I know. I hear your gasps. Yes, it is the most important day on the Christian calendar. True, it's usually a time when lots of people come to church, which would make you think that I see it as a great opportunity to preach the Gospel. I do. But I guess that'...

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Worship as a lifestyle, not a song...

Check out this definition of worship that I found by an author named Harold Best, "Worship is acknowledging that someone or something else is greater - worth more - and by consequence, to be obeyed, feared, and adored...Worship is the sign that in giving myself completely to someone or something, I want to be mastered by it." Giving myself completely?  I want to be...

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Ahh yes... the blogosphere

Well I’m finally stepping wholeheartedly into that wonderful world known as the blogosphere… hence the sweet “paul’s blog” graphic you see at the top of your screen.  My intention is that this blog will be an opportunity for me to air out some of the things that I think God is turning over in me about worship and what it should look like...

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Discipleship - a patient acquisition of virtue

Been thinking a lot lately about what discipleship should look like within the context of a local church. How exactly does a church help facilitate the spiritual growth of people, without unwittingly creating a culture of consumerism in which people expect to receive but are never challenged to contribute? Well, we're working on some answers, but I wanted to share a quote ...

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Luther on the Bible

A great quote by Martin Luther:  "The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me."     ...

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