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Pray by Kendall Payne


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Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback – 09.28.09  1. I’m very thankful to be able to pastor the Tribe. Choosing to be part of a faith family and committing your life to it is essential to real sanctification. I get frustrated like all pastors do I suspect but I could never imagine walking away from this group of people. I truly grieve for people that jump from churc...

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Distractions are the substance of ministry

"Distractions are the substance of ministry. The shepherd could get a lot more done without so many sheep." -Doug Wilson I heard this quote today and it convicted me. I'm convicted because I admit that sometimes I think people get in way and slow things down. They don't quite get the idea or the vision or feel the passion or whatever. As a result, they become and inconven...

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Songs that men can sing

I very much appreciate Matt Redman's thoughts on this issue. I've thought for some time that too many of the current popular worship songs tend towards femininity. I love femininity, for women. Redman rightly says that the church has been "under-fathered and over-mothered." We need songs that connect with women, and songs that connect with men. And we need masculine men wh...

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Nehemiah 3 - "Ordinary People"

Nehemiah 3 - "Ordinary People" from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo....

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When the Gospel penetrates sub-cultures

A beautiful example of what happens when the Gospel breaks through racial sub-cultures. My hope and prayer is that CrossPointe be full of stories like this.   ...

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How did we get the Bible & has it been changed?

The validity of Scripture is under attack in our day. Here's a very helpful introduction to the issue of how the Bible came to be the collection of books we know it as today. Click here to download "How Did We Get Our Bible and Has It Been Changed?" by Dr. Matthew Harmon. (HT: Between Two Worlds)...

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Cecil Cheves' 60-60-60 event

Tribe, This Friday and Saturday (August 7th & 8th) Cecil Cheves will embark on a rather unusual way to celebrate his 60th birthday (to say the least!). He's going to run 60 miles, bike 60 miles, and swim 60 laps! Yes, we thought about staging an intervention, but decided his mind was made up! Seriously though, in addition to doing it as a personal challenge, Cecil is ...

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Nehemiah: A People On Mission

Nehemiah: A People On Mission from CrossPointe Church on Vimeo....

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Pastor Dad: Scriptural Insights on Fatherhood

A great resource for fathers. I recommend you download this e-book and set aside an hour or two to read it. Young women, you should read this too so you know what to look for in a young man that may some day be your husband and father to your children. Pastor Dad: Scriptural Insights for Fatherhood by Mark Driscoll...

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