Children's Ministry

CrossPointe offers various options for children (from infancy through fifth grade) on Sunday morning. Robert Ward oversees all classrooms with the assistance of Cristin Wise. If you would like to serve in Children’s Ministry, please print this application and return it completed to the church office or one of the pastoral staff-members.

While children are always welcome in the sanctuary, we have nurseries for infants and classrooms with age-appropriate curriculum for toddlers and preschoolers. We also encourage elementary school students to participate in Kids’ Church, a worship service specifically geared toward discipleship with music, small groups, games and teaching. Parents, be sure to check your children in using our KidCheck system in the foyer before taking them to a classroom!

In addition to offering these Sunday morning options, we also encourage parents to shepherd and disciple their children at home. Parents are to teach their children about the greatness of God’s words and words—God’s story—so that children will put their hope and confidence in him. God wants every generation to know and trust in him—not forgetting what he has done to rescue and save, but remembering him and keeping his commandments.

The primary context for your child learning about God is not in the children’s ministry on Sundays or a Christian school or parachurch organization. It is in your home, in your car as you drive along the road, at your child’s bedside and at the breakfast table. It happens in those planned moments when you pull out a Bible storybook. And it happens in those unplanned moments when your child has sinned or is heartbroken and you correct and comfort your child as God calls you to do. Teaching children about God can’t be done in an hour or two each week. It involves us parents passing on our life of trust and hope in God to our children.

While it is clear that as parents we are responsible for teaching our kids about God, it is also clear that parents share the responsibility with the entire church community. God gives his law and testimonies in the context of a believing community. Training children is a community project because we need each other. We need one another’s encouragement, one another’s accountability, and one another’s eyes to see what we can’t see.

For a more developed explanation of CrossPointe’s views on parenting and the local church, please read this article written as part of our Equip: Parents seminar done in September 2011. Also, you can download and read our Parent Handbook here.

Also, please download our helpful family resource packet designed to help parents guide their children through Scripture memorization and understanding of foundational doctrines of the faith (all in a “kid-friendly” format).