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Men’s Study: Spiritual Disciplines (Thurs., 7 a.m., starting Jan. 25) || Cecil Cheves is leading a study through Don Whitney’s classic book (availab... Read More

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Dear CrossPointe,Brad will be guest-preaching this Sunday at a friend’s church in Atlanta (Mt. Vernon Baptist). While he’s up the road, we’ll take a break from Romans and look at a key episode in the life of the early church.Acts 6:1–7 recounts the story of how the growing church neglected a group of Greek-speaking...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,We’re going to look at just two verses this week, Romans 8:12–13. This text is so critical to a right understanding of the Christian life. Because we have been made alive by the Spirit, we must put to death our remaining sin. If we do, we will live. If we don’t, we will die. Those who are ...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,If you’re a Christian, the Spirit of God dwells in you. That’s Paul’s main point in our text this Sunday, Romans 8:9–11. And, if God’s Spirit dwells in you, just as he raised Jesus from the dead, he will most surely also raise you. These are enormously encouraging words. In this sho...Read More