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Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we continue our series “Jesus on the Christian Life” with a look at what Jesus says about life in the local church. In particular, we’ll focus on three passages in Matthew that paint a picture of the role of the covenant community in God’s plan of redemption. Specifically, we&rsquo...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,Last week we began a five-week series of sermons on Jesus’ description of the Christian life. We started with salvation itself (which you can listen to here), and this week we’ll take a look at sanctification—the process of becoming more like Christ.Though the concept of sanctification can be found throu...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we begin a short, five-week series entitled, “Jesus on the Christian Life.” We’ll begin by examining John 3:1–15, looking at what Jesus says about salvation. In this famous conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus teaches us much about the nature of salvation and what it means to be born...Read More