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Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we delve into Romans 9:19–23 and what might be the most challenging text in all of the Bible. In this passage, Paul continues to respond to anticipated objections about what he has said regarding God’s purpose of election earlier in the chapter. As before, instead of hedging the truth or attem...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we are taking a break from Romans and will be in Joshua 23. In this portion of Scripture Joshua gives his final address to the leaders of Israel. As such, he shares his desire for the people as they go into the future without him. What’s his desire? Joshua wants them to see how abundantly faithful G...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we continue to wade through the deep waters of Romans 9 as we study verses 14–18. In this paragraph, Paul answers an anticipated objection about what he has just said regarding God’s purpose in election in the preceding verses. Instead of hedging about God’s ...Read More