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Exodus–Deuteronomy- Tuesdays @ 10–11:30 a.m. (starting Jan. 9)- Led by Elayne Saucier- At CrossPointe- RSVP to Elayne... Read More

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Dear CrossPointe,Our plan is to dig into Romans 8:5–8 this Sunday, in which Paul contrasts those who live according to the flesh with those who live according to the Spirit. John Stott breaks this text down helpfully when he says these verses are about two categories of people (unregenerate and regenerate) who have two differen...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,For centuries Romans 8 has been one of the most loved chapters in the Bible. It covers the whole of the Christian life—from justification to glorification. It begins with the pronouncement of no condemnation and ends with the promise of no separation.I’m really looking forward to walking through this chap...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,Last week we did a sort of overview of Romans 7:14–25 and looked at the arguments for seeing the “I” Paul refers to as either before or after his conversion. While there are good textual arguments on both sides, I’m persuaded by the view that the struggle he describes is part of the Christan life. ...Read More