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Dear CrossPointe,We continue our deep dive in the world of Romans 9 this Sunday as we look at verses 6–13. As we covered last week, the issue at hand is the unbelief of the vast majority of Israel and whether this casts doubt on God’s faithfulness. Paul’s answer is a resounding “No!” when he tells h...Read More

Dear CrossPointe,This Sunday we pick back up in Romans as we wade into the deep waters of chapter 9. This is an enormously important chapter—not just for Romans but also in the landscape of the whole Bible. The issue at hand in Romans 9–11 is God’s plan for the Jews. In the first eight chapters of Romans, Paul has l...Read More

The Fall is a great time to commit to one of CrossPointe’s Community Groups! CGs meet weekly or bi-weekly in people’s homes to study God’s Word, pray for one another, and share fellowship. Our vision for CGs is that they would be a place for people to become more like Jesus together. We have a number of small-groups rea...Read More