Student Ministry

CrossPointe’s student ministry is designed to reach high school and middle school students where they are to lead them into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to prepare them not only to withstand the world, but to impact it for Jesus Christ’s kingdom. The student ministry has three main pillars: relationships, Biblical teaching and leadership.

  • Relationships bring the most meaning to our lives. In fact, most of us would give up any of our “stuff” for meaningful relationships. The most meaningful relationship we can have is with God himself, who is big enough to speak the universe into being but also close enough to be a friend.
  • We believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is true but also living and active (Heb. 4:12). Students will be prepared with the Bible to impact the world for Jesus' kingdom.
  • In addition to student minister Will Hawk, a caring team of young adults is committed to leading students into a stronger relationship with Christ. We all have gifts for building up the church, not as consumers but as participants in our community of believers. Our lives find their greatest meaning when we know what God created us to do and begin doing it like James 1:21–22 says!

Middle- and high-school students meet on Sundays at 6–8 p.m. for worship and Bible study (led by Will Hawk) followed by age- and gender-appropriate small-groups.