Midweek Fellowship

Periodically throughout the year, CrossPointe gathers on Wednesday nights for fellowship and teaching (usually topically oriented). Click on the links below for audio as well as notes.

The Christian & Culture


Church History

  • Early Church and Persecution
  • Augustine and Church Councils
  • The Middle Ages and Rise of Rome
  • The Reformation
  • Puritanism and the Great Awakening
  • The Church in America



Hard Sayings of the Bible


The Holy Spirit




Personal Evangelism

  • The Gospel & Your Personal Testimony
  • Our Corporate Witness & Theological Questions about Evangelism
  • Overcoming Barriers & Building Bridges to the Gospel


Responding to Cults & Other Religions


Survey of the Old Testament


Systematic Theology

  • How Can We Know God? Pt. I
  • How Can We Know God? Pt. II
  • How Can We Know God? Pt. III
  • Creation & Evolution
  • Providence, Evil & Suffering
  • Made Male & Female (Complementarianism & Gender Roles) 


Tough Questions