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Announcements, Aug. 26, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, I can hardly wait to study and unpack 1 Timothy 2:1–7 with you this week! It's so full of gospel truth, and, when rightly understood, serves as fuel for assurance in the Christian life and motivation for evangelism and missions. Read it several times before Sunday. Invite an unbelieving friend. Pray for God to open blind eyes and put steel in our s...

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Announcements, Aug. 19, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we’ll finish the first chapter of 1 Timothy, in which Paul recounts God’s grace to him in his own salvation and call to ministry. In verse 15, we read one of the most succinct and powerful gospel statements in all of Scripture. Paul says, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” Th...

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Announcements, Aug. 12, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we start our series through 1 Timothy, one of my favorite books in the Bible. This short letter reads like an instruction manual for the local church from the Apostle Paul to his young ministry protege, Timothy. It not only gives us much practical teaching about life together as a body, but it also points us to a deeper understanding of God&r...

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Announcements, Aug. 5, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, I trust you are doing well! As summer winds down and school starts back up I want to give you an idea of where we’ll be heading on Sundays this Fall. Will Hawk will preach a stand-alone message this Sunday, after which we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. Then, on the following Sunday, we’ll begin a series through 1 Timoth...

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Announcements, July 29, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we’ll conclude our Daniel series by covering the last two chapters, in which God gives Daniel a comprehensive vision of the future—including even the return of Christ! These two chapters are breathtaking in their detail, especially of the rise and fall of worldly rulers, but the point is not to have us guessing what modern-day em...

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Announcements, July 22, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, What a joy it was to have Doug Van Meter, pastor of Brackenhurst Baptist Church in Johannesburg, South Africa, with us last Sunday. He preached an excellent message on the traits of a world-impacting church from Acts 11:19–30. If you missed it, I highly encourage you to listen to or watch it here. This Sunday we pick back up with Daniel 10 where w...

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Announcements, July 15, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we take a break from our Daniel series to welcome and hear from Doug Van Meter, pastor of Brackenhurst Baptist Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. Brackenhurst is the home church of Gareth Franks, our missionary friend and partner in India. I’m really looking forward to hearing from this dear brother as he shares with us from God&rsq...

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Announcements, July 8, 2016

There are two important meetings taking place before and after worship this Sunday. The more the merrier! Children’s Ministry Training (Sunday, 9 a.m.) || We need roughly 30 people to start serving in order to be fully “staffed” on Sunday mornings! (Volunteers serve only 8–10 times/year.) Just e-mail Cristin Wise to sign up! “One Another&rdq...

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Announcements, July 1, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, Isn't it true that the greatest things in life are worth the wait? As we’ll see this Sunday, often God uses waiting to increase our joy, dependence on him, and the ensuing glory of his name. We’ll spend some time in Acts 3 as well as Isaiah 64 as we think more about this on Sunday, so read through those texts once or twice to get an idea of w...

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Announcements, June 24, 2016

Dear CrossPointe, Our text this week, Daniel 9, contains one of the most debated and complex passages in the Bible. Most of the chapter is a prayer of repentance and lament by Daniel for his people. It is a beautiful example of intercession by Daniel as he pleads to God for mercy on Israel. And then, in verses 24–27, the angel Gabriel brings a prophecy about &ldquo...

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