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Announcements, July 28, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we will zero in on Romans 5:5, in which ​Paul explains that the basis of a Christian’s assurance is the indwelling Holy Spirit, who has been poured into our hearts. In other words, we can bank on our future as sure and certain because God has given us the down payment of his Spirit in us. The implications for the Christian life are en...

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Announcements, July 21, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, I’m really looking forward to this Sunday! We’ll be in Joshua 2 (and a bit of chapter 6 as well) studying a pivotal moment in the history of God’s people, when they finally put into motion plans to conquer the Promised Land. “Conquer” is probably a strong term, because the Israelites barely do anything. Rather, the Lord give...

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Announcements, July 14, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, Where is God when life hurts? How does his sovereignty intersect with our suffering? These questions have been around since Genesis 3, and our text this Sunday, Romans 5:3–5, helps us answer them. My hope is that our time together in this passage will help us build a better theology of suffering so that we can actually rejoice in it when it inevita...

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Youth Summer Retreat

CrossPointe Youth Summer Retreat July 13-16, 2017 $175...

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Announcements, July 7, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we begin Romans 5 which serves as a transition in the Apostle Paul’s line of thinking. Up to this point, he’s been arguing forcefully that we are made right with God by the gift of faith and not by works. Now, at the beginning of chapter five, he lays out some of the results that truth brings about in the life of a believer. This ...

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Announcements, June 30, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, This Sunday we’ll finish Romans 4 as we consider verses 22–25. It’s a short text, but power packed. Verse 25, in particular, is a kind of summary of the gospel in just a few words. It says that Jesus “was delivered up for our transgressions and raised for our justification.” Nearly every word is packed with theological signi...

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Announcements, June 23, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, Up to now, Paul's point in Romans has been that we are saved by faith, not works. As an example of this truth, he zooms in on the patriarch Abraham. If we are made right with God only because we have faith like Abraham, then it's really important for us to understand the nature of Abraham's faith. And that's the point of our text this Sunday, Romans 4:18...

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Announcements, June 16, 2017

Baby Bottle Boomerang Ending (June 18) || Support the work of Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic by taking a bottle (available in the foyer) and filling it with change, cash, or checks. Be sure to bring it back (and grab another!) by June 18.VBS (9 a.m.–12:30 p.m., daily, June 26–30) || Join us this summer for Galactic Starveyors! Registration is open to all rising...

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Announcements, June 9, 2017

Dear CrossPointe This Sunday our text is Colossians 1:15–20 in which the apostle Paul refutes some of the heretical teachings about Jesus Christ that were going on at the church of the Colossians. These false teachings were undermining the truth of Christ and the gospel. Like the first century audience, we are also threatened by some untrue philosophies and teachin...

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Announcements, June 2, 2017

Dear CrossPointe, This week we jump back into Romans 4, specifically vv13–15. Paul makes a spectacular statement in verse thirteen when he says the promise to Abraham and his offspring goes far beyond just the physical land of Canaan but rather encompasses the whole world! This may seem like an obscure thought in the middle of Paul’s argument about justificati...

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